Courses for 711 - Business Administration

Year 1 - Fall Year 1 - Spring Year 1 - Summer I
MG224 Management Principles MS120 Foundations of Quantitative Analysis: Mathematics, Research, CS Computer Elective
AC111 Principles of Accounting I AC112 Principles of Accounting II AC221 Managerial Accounting
Year 2 - Fall Year 2 - Spring Year 2 - Summer I
EH111 Composition I EH112 Composition II CO213 Business Communications
HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec. MG347 Entrepreneurship LS327 Business Law
Year 3 - Fall Year 3 - Spring Year 3 - Summer I
HG/PS History or Political Science Elec. PY/SY Psychology or Sociology Elec EC212 Macroeconomics
FN225 Business Finance MG Management Elective MK116 Principles of Marketing
Year 4 - Fall Year 4 - Spring Year 4 - Summer I
CO245 Public Speaking
MS Math Elective

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