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Name:Drugs, Addiction and Crime
Description:This course the explores relationship between substance abuse and criminal behavior. Students learn about the introduction of various psychoactive substances, from tobacco to cocaine, to the United States, the history of efforts to control their use by legislation, and current efforts to regulate illegal drug distribution by law enforcement. The process of addiction is reviewed, as well as the short-term and long-term effects of the use of psychoactive drugs. Students learn the difference between addiction and crime, and methods of treatment for substance abuse are discussed.
Offered (DAY schedule):
Instructor Permission Required:N
Pre-Requisite(s): PY111

Course Objectives

1. Analyze the addiction process, the disease model and other explanations for addiction to understand why persons become involved with and addicted to psychotropic drugs. 2. Explore the difference between stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens and learn the various effects on the human body. 3. Review the history of psychotropic drugs in the United States. 4. Explore the relationship between addiction and crime. 5. Evaluate drug enforcement techniques. 6. Explore the intervention processes used with individuals who are abusing or dependent.

Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher Instructor New Used Rental eBook
S 2016 DRUGS,SOCIETY,+CRIMINAL JUSTICE 9780133802580 LEVINTHAL 4TH 16 PEARSON Horton $135 $101 $0
S 2014 DRUGS,SOCIETY,+CRIMINAL JUSTICE 9780135120484 LEVINTHAL 3RD 12 Buccigrossi $0 $0 $0
S 2013 Drugs, Society, and Criminal Justice 978-0-13-512048-4 Levinthal, Charles F 3RD 12 Allyn & Bacon, Inc. Horton $113 $85 $0
S 2012 DRUGS, SOCIETY & CRIMINAL 0-13-512048-9 LEVINTHAL 3 A&B Horton $0 $0
F 2011 Drugs, Society and Criminal Justice 978-0-13-513806-9 Levinthal, Charles 2nd Pearson Horton $0 $0
F 2011 DRUGS, SOCIETY & CRIMINAL 0-13-512048-9 LEVINTHAL 3 A&B Horton $96 $72