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Name:Complex and Advanced Projects
Description:This course intends to build on a thorough project management foundation to include detailed insight into large projects, projects with diversified stakeholders, multi-location, and international projects. Topics including portfolio theory and information economics are designed to enhance previous learning and extend to project portfolio management and project management office functions
Offered (DAY schedule):
Instructor Permission Required:Y
MG532, MG544,at least one PM specialization course,and one of the following:MG530 or MG533

Course Objectives

Students completing this course will be able to: Develop successful project initiation processes and linkages for complex and advanced projects. Devise appropriate plans within complex and advanced project scenarios. Manage and control the successful execution of complex and advanced projects, while limiting risks and integrating internal and external linkages. Formulate an effective closure for complex and advanced projects. Demonstrate appropriate ethical, professional, and environmental choices for complex and advanced projects.

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