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Name:Law of the Work Place
Description:This course explores the very complex environment of legislation that protects employee interests in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on the development of workplace-related legislation and organizational management geared to minimizing litigation. Topics include age discrimination, sexual harassment, the American with Disabilities Act, discrimination based upon sexual orientation, racial discrimination, and legislation affecting minimum wage and working conditions.
Offered (DAY schedule):Three year rotation in spring
Instructor Permission Required:N
Pre-Requisite(s): HR239
or MG239

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: Discuss the influence of employment legislation on workplace practices. Describe the major issues and rules of employment law. Explain what employment law means for human resource practice. Apply State of Maine and Federal Laws to specific HR procedures. Develop general guidelines for human resource practices that make sense for the workplace yet comply with the intention of employment laws.

Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher Instructor New Used Rental eBook
F 2014 EMPLOYMENT LAW FOR BUSINESS 9780073524962 BENNETT-ALEXAN 7TH 12 Tibbetts $0 $197 $0
S 2013 Employment Law for Business 978-0-07-352496-2 Bennett-Alexander, D 7TH 12 Richard D. Irwin, Inc. Tibbetts $226 $170 $0
F 2011 HUMAN RESOURCES LAW 0-13-256889-6 REMINGTON 5 PH Lemire $132 $99
U 2010 EMPLOYMENT LAW & HUMAN RE 0-324-59485-2 WALSH 3 CENGAGE LEARNING Tibbetts $0 $0
F 2009 EMPLOYMENT LAW & HUMAN RE 0-324-59485-2 WALSH 3 CENGAGE LEARNING Lemire $198 $149
S 2008 EMPLOYMENT LAW & HUMAN RE WALSH 2 WAD Ducharme $158 $119
S 2004 Employment Law for Human Resource Practice 0-324-21708-0 Walsh, David J. First South-Western Pooler $0 $0