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Name:Computer Design and Architecture
Description:This course introduces the student to the concepts of modern computers, including their internal organization, instruction formats, and addressing techniques. Input-output processes and interrupt handling are also examined. Programming aspects include assembler program segmentation and linkage.
Offered (DAY schedule):
Instructor Permission Required:N
Pre-Requisite(s): CS119

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will: 1) Understand the fundamentals of computer organization and architecture and how they have evolved; 2) Be able to describe the major components and interconnections of a computer system and how they interact with each other and the outside world; 3) Understand computer arithmetic, the fundamentals of digital logic and number systems; 4) Have examined the organization of a computer central processing unit and instruction set architecture including complex, reduced and superscalar approaches to processor design; 5) Understand how operating system design is driven by computer architecture and how operating systems interact with hardware; 6) Understand the fundamental issues and constraints of parallel computer organizations including symmetric multiprocessing, clusters and multicore architectures; 7) Be exposed to assembly language programming and the concepts of linkage editing.

Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher
S 2012 Computer Systems An Integrated Approach to Archite 0321486137 Ramachandran 1 Addison-Wesley
Thomas College. Beyond Education.