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Name:Financial Accounting
Description:This course is a one semester comprehensive accounting course. Students will become familiar with the fundamental theory and principles of financial accounting. The course focuses on the accounting process and completion of the accounting cycle. Students will learn accounting for cash, receivables, property acquisitions and disposals, depreciation, current liabilities and long term liabilities. Attention is given to the preparation and analysis of financial statements.
Offered (DAY schedule):Every Fall
Instructor Permission Required:N
For 2nd Year Sport Management and Marketing Majors

Course Objectives

1. Communicate, in writing, key accounting subjects with clarity and conciseness 2. Safeguard, value, and reporting of cash and property of an organization. 3. Record transactions as they relate to receivables and liabilities of an organization 4. Adjust the financial accounts in the preparation of financial statements 5. Prepare the basic financial statements: Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Statements of Owner’s Equity and Cash Flow 6. Analyze key financial statements 7. Demonstrate an understanding of financial statement analysis to users of current financial information

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