Thomas College

Courses for 542 - Hospitality Management/MBA

Year 1 - Summer 2 Year 1 - Fall Year 1 - Spring Year 1 - Summer 1
EH111 Composition I MG224 Management Principles
MK116 Principles of Marketing EH112 Composition II
MS120 Foundations of Quantitative Analysis MS206 Math for Management and Economics
HT112 Intro to the Hospitality Industry PY/SY Psychology or Sociology Elec
MG110 First Year Seminar in MGT CS Computer Elective
Year 2 - Summer 2 Year 2 - Fall Year 2 - Spring Year 2 - Summer 1
AC111 Principles of Accounting I AC112 Principles of Accounting II
HT115 Management of Food and Beverage Operations HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec.
EC211 Microeconomics EC212 Macroeconomics
MS301 Statistical Inference and Decision Making CO245 Public Speaking
HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec. CO213 Business Communications
Year 3 - Summer 2 Year 3 - Fall Year 3 - Spring Year 3 - Summer 1
AC221 Managerial Accounting LS330 Law of the Work Place
MG239 Human Resource Management ELEC Undergraduate Elective
HT221 Room Division Management PY/SY Psychology or Sociology Elec
HG/PS History or Political Science Elec. HT212 Hotel and Restaurant Management
EH Literature Elective MK338 Services Marketing
HT1PE Hotel and Restaurant Management Proficiency Examination
Year 4 - Summer 2 Year 4 - Fall Year 4 - Spring Year 4 - Summer 1
HT439 Event Planning and Management MG449 Senior Seminar in Management
LIB Liberal Arts Elective HT441 Tourism and Travel
SC Science Elective ELEC Undergraduate Elective
BS Business Elective MG442 Business Ethics
LS327 Business Law ELEC Undergraduate Elective
Year 5 - Summer 2 Year 5 - Fall Year 5 - Spring Year 5 - Summer 1
MS575 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making MG551 Organizational Theory and Behavior MG554 Management of Human Resources MG615 Ethical Leadership
CS550 Technology Management and Integration MK551 Marketing Management MG552 Legal Aspects of Management
MS552 Operations Research Techniques MG610 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
FN585 Capital Markets EC656 International Economics
MG695 Strategic Planning

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