Thomas College

Courses for 420 - Accounting (2 Yr)

Year 1 - Fall Year 1 - Spring
AC111 Principles of Accounting I AC112 Principles of Accounting II
MG224 Management Principles MK116 Principles of Marketing
EH111 Composition I EH112 Composition II
MS120 Foundations of Quantitative Analysis HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec.
FY110 First-Year Experience CS Computer Elective
PY/SY Psychology or Sociology Elec
Year 2 - Fall Year 2 - Spring
AC221 Managerial Accounting ELEC Undergraduate Elective
AC338 Federal Personal Income Taxation AC231 Personal Financial Planning
AC337 Accounting and Financial Information Systems FN225 Business Finance
EC212 Macroeconomics CO245 Public Speaking
EH Literature Elective CO213 Business Communications

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