Courses for 208 - Early Childhood Ed. (K-3)(B-5)

Year 1 - Fall Year 1 - Spring
EH111 Composition I EH112 Composition II
ED122 Foundations of Education ED124 Teaching Process and Curriculum Design
PY111 General Psychology HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec.
CS115 Introduction to Computer Applications MS Math Elective
MS120 Foundations of Quantitative Analysis: Mathematics, Research, PY336 Child Psychology
ED128 Preparation for Field Experience ED129 Field Experience
Year 2 - Fall Year 2 - Spring
ED232 Educational Psychology ED215 Children's Literature
CO245 Public Speaking ED324 Infant/Toddler Development
EH Literature Elective HG/PS History or Political Science Elec.
HG/PS History or Political Science Elec. LIB Liberal Arts Elective
SC Science Elective SC Science Elective
Year 3 - Fall Year 3 - Spring
ED334 Language Development/Early Literacy ED34 Special Topics
ED335 Numeracy for the Young Child ED34 Special Topics
ED338 Advanced Field Experience HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec.
ED323 Teaching Early Childhood Students with Exceptional Needs LIB Liberal Arts Elective
ED327 Science for the Young Child LIB Liberal Arts Elective
Year 4 - Fall Year 4 - Spring
ED34 Special Topics ED448 Senior Seminar
ED34 Special Topics ED447 Student Teaching/Internship
ED336 Social Studies for the Young Child
ELEC Undergraduate Elective
ED322 Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs in the Regular Clas

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