Thomas College

Courses for 208 - Early Childhood Ed. (K-3)(B-5)

Year 1 - Fall Year 1 - Spring
EH111 Composition I EH112 Composition II
ED122 Foundations of Education ED124 Teaching Process and Curriculum Design
PY111 General Psychology HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec.
CS115 Introduction to Computer Applications MS Math Elective
MS120 Foundations of Quantitative Analysis PY336 Child Psychology
ED128 Preparation for Field Experience ED129 Field Experience
Year 2 - Fall Year 2 - Spring
LA135 Explorations in STEAM ED210 STEAM Curriculum and Instruction
ED232 Educational Psychology ED215 Children's Literature
CO245 Public Speaking ED324 Infant/Toddler Development
EH Literature Elective HG/PS History or Political Science Elec.
HG/PS History or Political Science Elec. SC Science Elective
Year 3 - Fall Year 3 - Spring
ED334 Language Development/Early Literacy SC Science Elective
ED335 Numeracy for the Young Child ED34 Special Topics
ED338 Advanced Field Experience ED34 Special Topics
ED323 Teaching Early Childhood Students with Exceptional Needs HU/PH Humanities or Philosophy Elec.
ED327 Science for the Young Child LIB Liberal Arts Elective
Year 4 - Fall Year 4 - Spring
ED34 Special Topics ED448 Senior Seminar
ED34 Special Topics ED447 Student Teaching ECE
ED336 Social Studies for the Young Child
ELEC Undergraduate Elective
ED322 Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs in the Regular Clas

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