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Name:Ethical Leadership
Description:This course addresses advanced issues in ethical leadership to provide the student with tools to recognize and address social and ethical issues as they arise in the corporate setting. Emphasis is placed on corporate social responsibility and global business citizenship as well as ethical decision making with institutional stakeholders.
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Instructor Permission Required:N

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of MG615, Ethical Leadership, students will: • demonstrate an advanced understanding of the relationships among ethics, corporate social responsibility, global business citizenship, and law to enhance responsible decision-making (1, 3, 4, 5) • understand and appreciate the intent and value of ethical approaches to responsible business decision-making and practice (3, 5) • recognize potential ethical issues in employee, customer, supplier, financier, and other business relationships as they arise in the business decision making process (2, 3, 5) • critically analyze ethical implications of contemporary domestic and global business issues (2, 3, 4, 5)

Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher Instructor New Used Rental eBook
S 2017 (none) Pare $0 $0 $0
S 2017 TRUE NORTH 9780787987510 GEORGE 7 WILEY Pare $0 $25 $0
S 2017 HOW GOOD PEOPLE MAKE TOUGH CHOICES 9780061743993 KIDDER (REV)03 HARP PUB Pare $0 $14 $0
S 2015 (none) Bridgeo $0 $0 $0
S 2014 HOW GOOD PEOPLE MAKE TOUGH CHOICES 9780061743993 KIDDER (REV)03 Bridgeo $0 $0 $0
S 2014 TRUE NORTH 9780787987510 GEORGE 7 Bridgeo $0 $0 $0
S 2014 (none) Bridgeo $0 $0 $0