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Name:Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Description:This course is designed to strengthen the students skills in business leadership as related to the confluence of innovation, enterprise development and entrepreneurism. This course will provide a framework for understanding organizational issues underlying creative and entrepreneurial success. Students will critically analyze leadership characteristics of entrepreneurs and investigate means of adding value to organizations. Students will develop skills leading to effective communication and management for an evolving organization, including patent management, recognition of potential funding sources, target markets, and other challenges in the entrepreneurial environment. Students will explore entrepreneurial theory and business principles in order to maximize the chances of a successful new business start-up.
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Instructor Permission Required:N

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of MG610, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students will: • Understand the opportunities and challenges of leading in an entrepreneurial environment (1, 3) • Demonstrate ability to adapt communication skills to various and potential stakeholders in entrepreneurial ventures (financiers, clients, employees, etc.) (3,7) • Recognize entrepreneurial group dynamics and apply leadership skills to manage entrepreneurial groups (1, 3) • Demonstrate competency in identifying funding sources and customer bases for new ventures (1, 2) • Demonstrate ability to prepare and conduct negotiations with partners and other stakeholders (7) • Understand the legal and technical process associated with new venture start-ups, i.e. patent management, acquisition of Employer ID numbers, LLC Certificates, and other processes (5, 7)

Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher
S 2013 Creating Breakthrough Products 0-13-301142-9 Cagan,Jonathan 2ND 13 Financial Times Prentice
S 2013 Entrepreneurial Small Business 0-07-338157-8 Katz, Jerome 3RD 11 Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
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