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Name:Internship Seminar
Description:Internship involves placement in a supervised, professional-level work situation approved by the College. Internship assignments may be in business, government, or non-profit organizations. Students participate in an internship seminar that requires reading and discussing appropriate articles, maintaining a journal, submitting additional writing assignment, and demonstrating professional growth and development based upon a job-site evaluation. Open to eligible juniors and seniors in a four-year program and second-year students in a two-year program, students are required to have a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average. Application to the internship program does not guarantee acceptance. Students are also selected on the basis of character reference and previous work experience. Internships must be approved by the student's adviser and department chair.
Offered (DAY schedule):Every semester
Instructor Permission Required:Y
Junior or senior status

Course Objectives

Gain employment experience
Acquire new job related skills and decision-making abilities
Network and gain field contacts
Increase opportunities for employment following graduation

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F 2016 (none) Cragen $0 $0 $0
F 2015 (none) Cragen $0 $0 $0
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V 2014 No Text Required Cragen $0 $0 $0
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F 1999 No Textbooks Required Bressler $0 $0