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Name:Classics of Modern British Literature
Description:This course surveys some of the major works of poetry, drama, and prose written during the Romantic, Victorian, and Modern periods of British literature. The course emphasizes the changing concerns and attitudes of British writers as they confronted the social and philosophical problems of their times. Writers typically include Emily Bronte, John Keats, Charles Dickens, Matthew Arnold, Thomas Hardy, and D.H. Lawrence.
Offered (DAY schedule):Offered on three-year rotation
Instructor Permission Required:N
Pre-Requisite(s): EH112

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Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher
F 2001 English Romantic Poetry: Anthology 0-486-29282-7 Appelbaum Dover
F 2001 English Victorian Poetry 0-486-40425-0 Negri Dover
F 2001 Equus 0-14-026070-6 Shaffer Peng USA
F 2001 Importance Of Being Earnest 0-486-26478-5 Wilde Dover
F 2001 Lady Chatterley's Lover 0-553-21262-1 Lawrence Random
F 2001 Regeneration 0-452-27007-3 Barker Peng USA
F 2001 Waiting for Godot PGW Beckett PGW
F 2001 World War One British Poets 0-486-29568-0 Ward Dover
F 2001 Wuthering Heights 0-553-21258-3 Bronte Random
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