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Name:Experiencing Diversity
Description:In this course, students combine theoretical inquiry with hands-on experience to examine the impact of many different cultures existing in Maine upon their communities, schools, and businesses. By examining their own cultural backgrounds and values, the class becomes a forum in which each member explores means by which to get along with people of wide-ranging backgrounds including cultural, ethnic, social, racial, and sexual orientation.
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Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher
S 2013 Cultural Diversity and Education : Foundations, Curriculum, 0-205-46103-4 Banks, James 5TH 06 Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
S 2013 Racism Explained to My Daughter 1-59558-029-8 Jelloun, Tahar Ben 1999 New Press
S 2012 Cultural Diversity and Education 0-205-46103-4 James A. Banks
S 2012 Racism Explained to My Daughter 88-7754-206-3 Tahar Ben Jelloun The New Press,Inc
Thomas College. Beyond Education.