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Name:Technology Management and Integration
Description:This course is designed to provide a graduate-level introduction of corporate information systems, including investigations in the role of technology for communications, decision making, management, and planning. Students will demonstrate competency in utilizing information technologies on the managerial level and adapt technology to business scenarios and leadership decisions.
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Instructor Permission Required:N

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of CS550, Technology Management and Integration, students will understand and demonstrate proficiency in: • Communicating the relationship between information systems, processes, and organizations, and how information systems provide strategic competitive advantages in a business environment (1, 6, 7) • Adapting past, present, and future trends in information technology and applying information systems solutions to business problem scenarios (2, 6) • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of various technologies and trends as they relate to business settings and scenarios (1, 2, 6) • Examining the management issues concerning wired and wireless communication networks, systems security, and the Internet and Intranet (1, 6) • Managing information system assets, hardware, and software (1, 6) • Assessing the ethical, social, political, and security issues surrounding technology in a business setting. (5)

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