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Name:Object Oriented Programming with C++
Description:This course presents an object-oriented approach to software development used in large-scale programming projects. Unified Modeling Language (UML) will be used for object, dynamic, and functional modeling. Students learn how to implement a system using C++, an object-oriented programming language, by participating in programming projects. Programming topics include: Classes and data abstraction, operator overloading, inheritance, virtual functions and polymorphisms, templates, exception handling, and class libraries including GUI applications.
Offered (DAY schedule):
Instructor Permission Required:N
CS218 or CS225 & CS216

Course Objectives

A. Be able to implement programs using the C++ programming language B. Understand the details of Object Oriented design methodology C. Understand program design and documentation using UML diagrams D. Be comfortable developing programs in a team environment E. Be familiar with standard class and template libraries

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