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Name:C#.NET Programming
Description:This course will introduce students to computer programming using the C#.NET programming language. The student will learn how to use effective software engineering practices, emphasizing such principles as design, decomposition, encapsulation, procedural abstraction, testing, and software reuse. This course introduces basics of coding programs from program specifications, including use of the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), the C# language syntax, as well as debugger tools and techniques. Students will learn to develop programs that manipulate simple data structures such as arrays, lists and queues as well as different types of files. Structured programming will be reinforced through techniques designed to solve typical business and scientific problems.
Offered (DAY schedule):
Instructor Permission Required:N
Pre-Requisite(s): CS175

Course Objectives

In this course, students will: A. Understand the syntax of the C# language B. Be able to develop programs using the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE C. Be introduced to the fundamentals of Object Oriented programming D. Be able to use standard data structures provided in the .NET environment E. Learn how to convert a program specification into functional code F. Use the Visual Studio debugging tools

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