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Name:Introduction to Programming Logic and Design
Description:This course introduces the basics of programming logic, as well as algorithm design and development, including constants, variables, expressions, arrays, files and control structures for sequential, iterative and decision processing. This is done without using the syntax of any particular programming language. Students learn to design and document program specifications using tools such as flowcharts, structure charts and pseudo code. Program specification validation through desk-checking and walk-throughs is also covered.
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Instructor Permission Required:N

Course Objectives

A. Learn the fundamentals of programming computer systems B. Be able to express problem solutions as program designs C. Understand Boolean logic and program decision making D. Understand and produce standard program documentation E. Learn basic program debugging techniques

Books Previously Used in this Course

Term Year Title ISBN Author Edition Publisher
F 2012 Programming Logic and Design, Intro. - With Acc. 1-133-90233-2 Farrell 7TH 13 Course Technology, Inc.
Thomas College. Beyond Education.